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WIMM hero image WIMM hero image

A Money Problem? No problem!

Do you have a money problem? I do! And that’s why I have developed “WIMM” - to help me answer this simple question: “Where Is My Money?”

I believe that what's measured gets better. Since I started using WIMM, I have noticed better management of my spendings. I can now know how much I am spending on Uber rides, and how much I am spending on food delivery. I know how much money I have in each of my accounts (and my pocket too). But don’t get me wrong; I still have a money problem. I, however, will keep on building WIMM to help me manage it.

WIMM is available for your iPhone, iPad, and  Watch

download WIMM on app store download WIMM on app store
accounts in WIMM accounts in WIMM


WIMM provides the ability to add accounts. These are containers of your money. I have a “Cash” account, two “Credit” accounts, and one “Debit” account. You can customize the look of your account. You can view simple statistics on your account and quickly view your income, expenses, and transfer transactions on each of your accounts - for today, last week, last month, and last year.

tags in WIMM tags in WIMM


WIMM allows you to tag your transaction. A transaction can be an income, an expense, or a between-accounts transfer. I have a “Transportation” tag. I assigned it a green color and a car icon. I added “Uber”, “Train”, and “Lyft” as sub-tags to have a better tracking of my expenses. I can then know how much exactly I am paying on my Lyft rides - for today, last week, last month, and last year.

transactions in WIMM transactions in WIMM
transactions in WIMM transactions in WIMM


With WIMM, you can create transactions of all kinds - income, expense, and transfer. You set the amount, the transaction type, the account, the tag and sub-tag, and finally the timestamp of the transaction. I have designed this screen to provide fast transaction operation by setting good defaults. And I am working on making it much faster in future versions (may be SIRI can help?) My latest transaction as I am writing this description is 144 food expense transaction.

icloud in WIMM

All in the Cloud

WIMM syncs all your data using the secure, powerful and fast iCloud. You don’t have to do anything - it syncs automatically on all of your devices. I am already using WIMM on my iPhone, Apple Watch, and my iPad.

widgets in WIMM widgets in WIMM


WIMM supports Widgets on iOS 14+. You can have a widget showing your balance or a specific account’s balance. You can customize the widget’s look and feel. And it syncs automatically with your iCloud account.

dark mode in WIMM

Dark Mode?

You got it. Theme changes according to the system settings - no toggle needed.

complications in WIMM


You've got that too!
(And your data is hidden once you take off that watch so no one else know where your money is.)


Privacy has been my concern from day one. Your (and my) data must be secure and confidential - specially financial data. That’s why I considered using iCloud in the first place. iCloud keeps your data private; no one - including me and Apple - can access and view your data. This is by design. So rest assured that there is no eye looking at your data, and it will always remain like that*.

For feature suggestion, support, or enquiry, you can send me an email: support@wimmapp.com. WIMM tweets occasionally on Twitter too!